Janine Krantz

Pumpkin Spice Sonoran Sunrise Pendant Sterling Silver One Of a Kind Gemstone Necklace


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I have affectionately dubbed this piece "Pumpkin Spice". Both stones are Sonoran Sunrise but the top one is more orange and red, the bottom one is more of the deep cinnamon red with the tiniest dash of green. They both have such warm spicy color, hence the name I have given this piece. Sonoran Sunrise is composed of Cuprite which is red and green chrysocolla. These stones are primarily cuprite as you can see. The pendant hangs from my hinged bail and the two stones are hinged together as well. This gives the whole piece lots of movement and makes it lay on your body beautifully since it isn't stiff. This pendant is long coming in at 3 3/4 inches long top of the bail to the bottom of the triangle. It looks beautiful against a black top too!

 ♦Chain: You can choose to purchase this as a pendant alone and add your own chain or you can add the diamond link chain you see in the photo. Choose from the drop down your length. All chains come with a 2 inch extension so if you order 16 it will be adjustable between 16-18 inches, 18 inches will be adjustable from 18-20 inches and so on.

♦Closure: If choosing a chain lobster claw

♦ Metal: Sterling silver and fine silver 

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