Janine Krantz

Agate Stalactite Earrings With White Druzy Sterling Silver


 One of a kind pair of earrings featuring agate stalactites and white druzy. These are likely some of the more unusual and unique earrings you will see. They feature agate stalactites in a well matched pair. These stones are really neat because they have a darker interior but when they were forming over the years the outer layers of the stone are more of a milky clear color giving these stones so much depth. I love how they glow, also check out the video because the butterfly seemed to like them too :)

These are natural stones that are washing out of mountain mudslides and are fairly newly discovered so there aren't many out there right now. I got them in a raw condition so I had to polish them myself which was fun to learn how to do. They have a pretty blend of color and a smooth yet bumpy texture. They are really so very cool and interesting. The stud part of the earring are white druzy with beautiful sparkle.

♦Length (top to bottom): 2.5 inches top to bottom

♦Ear Wire: sterling silver posts

♦Metal: Sterling silver 

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