Janine Krantz

Ammonite and Pyrite in Schist One Of a Kind Gemstone Pendant Sterling Silver


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 This is one of my more epic creations. In this pendant I have paired together a pyrite in schist, which is pyrite that is growing in metamorphic rock. I love how it has a perfect square of it, almost as if it were sinking into the rock itself, or perhaps it is rising up from the rock...... depends on your perspective.

 The ammonite is amazing because it is pyritized, the pyrite has formed on the surface of the fossil and inside the little cavities is pyrite druzy so it has a beautiful sparkle. I have paired these two unique and unusual stones together with some of my signature silver bubbles the cluster along the top of the ammonite and then they are spill out of the bottom of the ammonite and over the side of the larger stone. This was a lot of fun to create and pull off, going from my sketch to reality. It is a large statement piece measuring at over 3 inches long. Also look for the matching earrings that you will find listed as well for a dramatic statement making look.

You can purchase this as a pendant only and add your own chain or you can add a medium weight diamond link chain like you see in the photos. If you choose the chain option it will the chain pictured with a lobster claw closure. All chains come with a 2 inch extension chain making it adjustable up to 2 inches longer than the length you choose. So if you choose 16 inches it will be 16-18, 18 inches would be 18-20 and so on.

♦ Metal: Sterling and fine silver

◆ Pendant Size: 3.25 inches long

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