Janine Krantz

Caldera Paint Jasper and Green Tourmaline Dangle Earrings Sterling Silver


These earrings have beautiful caldera paint jaspers. They have layers of greens with a small thin single layer of mustard yellow. Below them dangle faceted teal green tourmaline in a perfectly matched color. The oval tourmaline has a small surface crack along the side. It's not very noticeable but upon very close inspection you will see it, so full disclosure there. Otherwise they are super clean and clear, the color match was just too unusually good for me not to use them even with the little crack. These move and sway with your movements. They are overall long but not obtrusively so. These earrings perfectly match a necklace I have listed as well.

♦︎Length: The earrings are just under 2 3/4 inches long top of the hook to the bottom of the dangle

♦︎Ear Wire: Fish Hook

♦︎Metal: Sterling silver

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