Janine Krantz

Crystal Cave Quartz Druzy Earrings Sterling Silver One Of a Kind Gemstone Earrings


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These earrings feature a rather unusual and gorgeous stone. It is called crystal cave druzy quartz and it is from Siberia. I think it is quite fitting that this icy looking specimen is from Siberia a land known for its snowy freezing weather. The stones are covered in small quartz crystal points that grew on its surface. They point in a multitude of directions and are so clean and clear that they sparkle like mad. It is a gorgeous specimen stone and makes for a bold and unusual pair of earrings.

I will add that since the surface of these stones are studded with crystal points it is obviously not smooth. The nature of the surface of the stones means that you can damage them if you are careless. It is very stable so don't misunderstand it to be so fragile that you can't touch it. But if you decide to make these yours remember to be careful with them. So when you aren't wearing them return them to the pouch I will mail it in and keep them in a place where they won't be damaged. That means no tossing them in your jewelry box or a drawer where they could be smashed into other things. Be nice to them so they stay pretty. 

 ♦Length: 2 3/4 inches long

♦Ear wires: Fish hooks

♦ Metal: Sterling silver and fine silver 

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