Janine Krantz

Laguna Lace Agate Talisman Necklace Sterling Silver


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This necklace is one of a series I made, it was created with thoughts of protection and magic running through my mind. So many of us wear jewelry for its powers, wether it is for luck or to symbolize things that mean a lot to us personally. These necklaces are strong reminders of the power jewelry can give us and I hope that the spirit in which have been made is something you connect with. 

 This pendant has a Laguna lace agate talon, the stone measure 2 inches long and has beautiful patterning in shades of burnt oranges and cream. I have created a halo of sorts with radiating rays and have peppered the negative space with the silver granulation I love to use. The pendant hangs from a hinged bail making it lay beautifully when worn and I have hung it from a medium weight diamond link chain. 

♦︎Gemstone: Laguna Lace Agate

♦︎Metal: Sterling Silver

♦︎Length: Total length is 3 1/3 inches, stone is 2 inches long 

♦︎Chain and closure: You can purchase this as a pendant only and add your own chain or you can add a medium weight diamond link chain like you see in the photos. If you choose the chain option it will the chain pictured with a lobster claw closure. All chains come with a 2 inch extension chain making it adjustable up to 2 inches longer than the length you choose. So if you choose 16 inches it will be 16-18, 18 inches would be 18-20 and so on.

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