Janine Krantz

Herkimer Diamond Earrings Sterling Silver


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Herkimer diamonds are quartz crystals that are double terminated, meaning they come out of the ground with points on either side. They are formed naturally and are found in Herkimer New York, hence the name. They are found elsewhere in the world but the New York ones are considered the nicest. These Herkimer have lovely black inclusions that are in a very clean crystal so they are sparkly and visually interesting. 

I have made a series of earrings with these and plan to do some more soon. These are perfect as gifts or everyday earrings that add a fun little sparkle to your day.

♦Length (top to bottom): 1 3/4 inches top to bottom

♦Ear Wire: sterling silver fish hooks

♦Metal: Sterling silver  

♦︎This item is ready to ship

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