Janine Krantz

Laguna Agate Sterling Silver Wide Band Ring


♦Special Features: This ring has a Laguna Agate stone. It has beautiful banding and also some moss. I love how much this stone has going on inside it and how the layers seemingly glow in the light. I have set this stone into a statement ring that will get noticed. The stone itself is over 3/4 inch wide. Add the silver work around it and its closer to 1 inch wide. I have fabricated the band and added a new texture I have started doing that I am pretty excited about. It kinda has a confetti glitter look to it. The band is wide but tapers around the back to 7mm wide for comfort. Be sure to look at all the photos and video so you can appreciate all the details I put into this one!

♦Size: 7 because this is a wider band you may find this to be more comfortable on a 6.5-6.75 finger.

♦ Metal: Sterling silver

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