Janine Krantz

Layers Necklace Platinum Coated Druzy Agate


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♦Special Features: This stone instantly attracted me, the layers, the colors, are just so inspiring. The top that sparkles and glitters hiding the darkness layered below which eventually opens up to the light which is protected once again by the dark. I saw a metaphor there, what is on the surface hides a darkness that protects the light. In that light is your clarity, of who you are and what you know. It is the part of you you keep safe and where you go to find your truth. For the days you need clarity, it can be your talisman. The stone is a druzy agate, the druzy is coated/plated with platinum, making it sparkle rather remarkably. The agate portion is black with an ombre effect of black banding from black to grey then, a center swath of internal druzy crystal and below that another band of black. It's a stunning stone so I kept the frame minimalist so it shines. The frame is constructed of heavy gauge wire and textured for added visual interest. The chain is completely handmade, one link at a time and textured to mirror the frame. It ends with a hook clasp that can fasten anywhere along the chain making it fully adjustable to your desired neckline. Hours and hours of work went into this necklace but it was a complete joy to make. I hope the love and light imbued in this piece shines through to you. If you'd like to see a video of this necklace you can go to my Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/p/Bsx5t1BgbS9/

♦Length: It can be as long as 19 inches but you can hook through any oval link you want to tweak your length to suit your needs

♦Pendant Length: 1.75 inches long, and 1.5 inches wide

♦Closure: hook

♦ Metal: Sterling silver 

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