Janine Krantz

Mountaintop Earrings Amethyst Agate Geode Slice Earrings


 They are slices of amethyst and agate geode but they way they are cut makes me thing of mountaintops. These stones are white agate with the amethyst druzy on top. These are my last pair of this stone with the white and I won't be getting any more. They have been carefully mounted in hand fabricated, minimalist settings. These have a little weight, but not too much to be uncomfortable, you just know they are there. These are long statement earrings that people will notice and compliment you on. I wear the first pair I made and people try to buy them right off my ears! Completely hand fabricated from scratch with a lot of love and attention.

♦Length (top to bottom): 2.75 inches long from top of the ear wire to the bottom, stones measure just over inch long

♦Ear Wire: French hook

♦Metal: Sterling silver 

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