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Ocean Jasper Ring Sterling Silver Green and Pink Stone


Only 1 piece in stock!

At a recent gem show I was at I was on a hunt for ocean jasper, I find it to be getting harder and harder to find good ones and the hunt gets more difficult every year to find one of my favorite stones in the quality I want. I do have a small hoard of them and I slowly relinquish them because I know I won't ever see one just like that ever again. They are all so unique and beautiful, this one has a green base and pink orbs with this yellow green color running through it and I just think of dinosaurs or alligators when I look at the pattern in the stone. It's got a shape to it that just makes me think of that, this stone is pretty cool and the photos don't do it justice. Hand stamped texture around border. Band detail is all handmade and its very comfortable to wear.

♦Size: 8.5

♦ Metal: Sterling silver 

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