Janine Krantz

Petrified Opal Wood Earrings Sterling Silver Opalized Fossilized Wood


These are petrified opal wood in a really cool shape. I have set them cleanly and created a fun bubble cluster ear wire that I am so loving and will be making more of for sure. They have a graceful arc with a long wire that nestles behind your ear and along your jawline that seem to hold the earrings in a more fixed position than a regular ear wire with its larger bend. This makes the stones face forward more so I am kinda loving this aspect of these wires. I love the patterning on this opal wood, and the coloration. They were so unusual and not like all the other opal wood I have been seeing so I had to have them. One of a kind.

♦︎Length: Just over 1 3/4 inches top to bottom

♦︎Ear Wire: bubble ear wires

♦︎Metal: Sterling silver

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