Janine Krantz

Petrified Opal Wood Earrings Sterling Silver Opalized Fossilized Wood


Only 1 piece in stock!

These are petrified opal wood earrings. They are a perfect match to the square pendant I have listed . They have this intense teal green color and a translucent layer towards the bottom. I have cut out the backplate along that area so the light can shine through and you can appreciate that glow. These stand alone beautifully but with the matching stone in the pendant they make for a fabulous set!

♦︎Length: Just over 2 1/2 inches top to bottom

♦︎Ear Wire: fish hook ear wires, I can swap these for a ball posts which would shorten the earring up to be closer to 2 inches long. 

♦︎Metal: Sterling silver

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