Janine Krantz

Purple Passion Agate Cuff Bracelet Stelring Silver


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This is a hybrid cuff bracelet because it ends with a link of handmade chain and a swivel heavy weight lobster claw clasp. The stone is a beautiful purple passion agate, with a pale purple color and beautiful banding. The bracelet is wide in the front and tapers towards the back. I have soldered over a hundred of silver granules to the frame of this bracelet but there is a lot of negative space and visual interest. 

 The diameter of this piece is 2.5 inches and fits a 7-7.5 inch wrist comfortably. Smaller wrists will find this looser but still wearable. This is one of a kind, all sterling silver, hand fabricated from scratch. 

Stone is approximately 1.25 inches across and .75 inches wide. Widest part of bracelet is 1.25 inches or 3cm tapering to about 1cm wide in the back.

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