Janine Krantz

Pyrite in Schist and Pyritized Ammonite Sterling Silver Earrings


These one of a kind earrings feature some unusual and interesting elements. The bottom stones are fossilized ammonite, one is a positive and the other a negative. They have been pyritized, meaning that over millions of years they have had pyrite form on them. The negative is where the ammonite laid on the sediment and the positive is the ammonite itself with pyrite druzy formed in its nooks and crannies. They are really so incredibly cool and I love the history they have. The top stones are gold sheen obsidian, the color and gold flash match the pyrite beautifully. The ammonite dangle below a textured bar decorated with silver granules. These are long earrings and so very unique and cool.

♦Length (top to bottom): 3 inches top to bottom

♦Ear Wire: sterling silver fish hooks

♦Metal: Sterling silver

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