Janine Krantz

Saturn Chalcedony Dangle Earrings Sterling Silver, One of a Kind


Only 1 piece in stock!

   These earrings feature a rare and beautiful form of chalcedony called Saturn Chalcedony. It has a beautiful creamy white base color and bands of green running through it. It's a very lovely stone I don't think I will see ever again. These have some weight to them. They aren't ridiculously heavy earlobe stretchers but they have enough weight that they are not forgotten when worn. If you like big, bold, beautiful earrings these are for you, if you like little earrings that have no weight then these are not for you! They are 7 grams or .2 ounces. These stones are very well matched and have the most glorious bands of green. They are set shadowbox style and finish off with a cluster of silver orbs.

♦Length (top to bottom): 2.5 inches top of ear wire to bottom of drop

♦Ear Wire: sterling silver fish hooks

♦Metal: Sterling silver 

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