Janine Krantz

Super Seven Sterling Silver Wide Band Ring #31


Only 1 piece in stock!

♦Special Features: This ring has a wide band, its smaller in the back at 8mm and wider in the front at 18mm. I added a gorgeous chunky texture for more visual impact and a dreamy faceted super seven quartz. Check out the granulation under the stone too! The stone measures 15x11.5mm and is 4.5 carats. Be sure to look at all the photos of this one and the video. This stone has so much life. super seven is one of my favorites for so many reasons but I especially love how each one has the most fascinating inclusions and little bits of things to look at.

♦Size: 7 but this is a wide band so you always size up with wide bands for comfort. This band should be comfortable on a size 6.5- 6.75 finger.

♦ Metal: Sterling silver 

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