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Article: Life is getting back to normal again......

Life is getting back to normal again......

Life is getting back to normal again......

Prudent Man Agate and Agate Stalactite


June is here and we are slowly opening up again. Here in New Jersey we were locked down for so long that it's exciting just to see other people again. We had a small drive by end of year celebration with my sons teachers yesterday and just seeing the kids and the parents made everyone so happy. I even saw my best friend this past weekend and we enjoyed the backyard and some margaritas! It's the little things sometimes...

studded bangles

 I tried to make the best of the lockdown situation though and worked on jewelry, learning some new techniques and doing some deep thinking about things. I made, what I think is, some of my best work. I am always growing and expanding and I was able to focus more. I challenged myself on a few things and learned some new techniques I plan to add to my jewelry after I practice some more. Distractions were low which was pretty refreshing. I am always making excuses about not having time and I suddenly had plenty. Now if I could just waste less time scrolling social media I would be happy! 


 So I have been updating the website here and the Etsy shop with new work. I have a sale going in the Etsy shop on older inventory. There are some beautiful pieces there looking for their forever homes! Go take a look, you just might find something awesome, like this turquoise split shank ring below!



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Hi. Love the silver post style earrings I purchased from you! Wear them almost every day. Will you be making more posts anytime soon?

Janet Bergquist

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