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Article: Time To Resurrect The Blog! Lets Start With Garden Quartz.

Time To Resurrect The Blog! Lets Start With Garden Quartz.

Time To Resurrect The Blog! Lets Start With Garden Quartz.

         A group of garden quartz cabochons in a hand


I thought I would jump back in to some blog posts.

In all honesty I have done one.

In 2020.

So I suppose I really mean to say that I want to start writing on my blog more. I figure it's where you can pop in and read more than what I would post on Social Media or send in an email. 

So to start here's a sort of informative post on a stone I am featuring this week. It is an included quartz called Garden Quartz. Named that because it looks as if something is growing inside of the stone, hence garden. All Garden quartz or chlorite in quartz in the shop is automatically discounted this week in your shopping cart btw... if you wanted to check out what's there just click here.

These stones I have here in my hand have chlorite inclusions inside of the quartz. They have a shimmery quality when you move them in the light. Some have rutile inside them as well. Each one is a unique little treasure. A hidden world trapped within the quartz or a snapshot of time from millions of years ago.

The term chlorite actually encompasses a wide variety of minerals. It's in the silicate family and is associated with clay. It's known for its beautiful formations within crystals. Chlorite can often appear green but also red, yellow, white, lavender and black. What I find even more interesting is how old these are. This doesn't happen quickly, it takes millions of years. 

When this was forming, there was a quartz and then the chlorite was deposited on the surface of the quartz. In fact the chlorite inclusions show a time of no growth for the quartz. This is really dependent on the current geological situation at the time and what minerals were around and the overall environmental conditions. Then the quartz resumed growing at some point and it grew all around the chlorite, encasing it. Sometimes it is referred to as phantoms and phantoms can show up in quartz in other ways as well, like amethyst or smoky quartz phantoms. But it shows passage of time and many in crystal healing circles find this to be a powerful stone.

Personally I don't jump into the concept of specific stones for specific healing properties. While I do find it interesting and a fun past time to learn about what others believe stones to be able to do I am much more direct in my approach. If a stone is meant to be yours you will know. It's really as simple as that. If it calls to you in some way, that's what you need at the time. 

I was speaking to one of the gem dealers I know about this subject. He has a geology degree and knows about rocks from a very scientific standpoint, which I appreciate. He told me about how all stones have an electromagnetic field. Everything on earth does. So if the stones electromagnetic field pulls you in then that means you and the stone are connected or compatible somehow through that unseen current. Sometimes I feel an immediate recoil from stones, also all connected. I imagine it's like the poles on a magnet. The energy is there and that is what people connect with. 

Really interesting to think about and just another reason I love the stones I work with. Do you have any other tidbits of information about this stone? Are you into crystal healing? I don't claim to know it all and I always like to learn more so feel free to comment if you have any fun facts to share! 




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Very informative, Janine! I love learning about stones. I’m also interested in their metaphysical properties. I have a lovely small “marble” specimen, but no jewelry…yet ;) I learned some new things about lodalite today, so thank you!

Karen Yowell

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