Creative Focus

A Passion For Creating

     I can no longer remember a time when I wasn't designing and making jewelry. I feel as if that bug bit me so long ago that jewelry design is a fundamental part of who I am as a person. I find inspiration everywhere. In the shapes I see, the natural world around me, even the feeling of the day can inspire me. That translates into a strong need to make things. It's all pretty consuming but I feel lucky because I found that passion. I have come to realize that not everyone has such a strong enthusiasm for something in their lives, so I don't take for granted that I've found mine. 

      I hope that with each piece of jewelry I send out into the world, that energy and passion is evident and felt by the wearer. Know that each piece I make is infused with pure and positive intentions. My hope is that my work will be well-worn, well-loved and passed down as cherished family heirlooms. 


One Maker From Start To Finish

     That's right! Not mass produced but slow made, one at a time by these hands. So much of what we buy is made by machines or by people in factories. Factories that are furiously churning things out, faster, cheaper, and with no thought to our environment or the workers who keep these places going. Questionable materials are often used, sometimes even toxic, in the quest to lower production costs and increase profits. So much of what we buy is disposable, it means nothing to us. We toss these things away in the garbage without a second thought when their usefulness expires. What does it matter, we think, it's made like crap anyway, it's junk.

      On the flip side are the products that are very expensive, we buy them for the labels they have. They are also mass produced in factories but somehow the brand name behind these things makes it okay to pay so much more. Perhaps you also may feel that they are better made or of higher quality. But they are also, in the end, disposable to us. Once their newness or coolness has passed and the next best thing is out we move on to that. It's less about the product and more about the fact that we can afford to buy that product.

      What both of these things are lacking is the real human connection to the product itself. The connection to the maker. The person who's hands built that item and takes pride in their work. Does that mean something to you? I think it should, I know it does to me.

      Everyone will wax poetic about how things aren't made the way they used to be. Or how you used to buy something and it lasted forever. Quality construction is a thing of the past they say. Although, in reality it's not. If you look you will find the things made with quality and intention to last. If you want to buy those products instead of the soulless mass-produced, you can find them here and in many other places if you just... look.

     There is a movement of craftspeople in this country making and creating. Creating quality, well-crafted products, responsibly, sustainably and consciously. I am one of them. Everything I make is made by me from scratch. Each piece is made with intention and each piece has a bit of my soul in it.

Little Details

Focusing On The Small Things

     Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact. Like unexpected prong placements or a subtly hammered texture. Stones with the most intriguing patterns and textures, colors and shapes. Every element of my jewelry is thoughtfully planned out with purposeful elements. I notice small things, I hone in on them, wanting to look closer. Perhaps it's a product of my nearsightedness but I've always looked closely at things. It's a useful skill to have as a jeweler. We work with small things. Those tiny elements seem so very large to me. When you put them all together to make a whole, if those little things aren't right then the whole thing is off. Perhaps you don't usually look at the smallest of things, but maybe you should, because there is so much to see!