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Article: Directional Earrings and What That Means

Directional Earrings and What That Means

Directional Earrings and What That Means


So I wanted to talk today about earrings, specifically mine, but this really can apply to most earrings you may have that are dangles with a fish hook style ear wire. 

I have also done an Instagram post with a video explaining this subject and the visuals are really helpful Click Here to watch it. 

But the gist of it is that most of us have ear piercings that the piercing angle is straight out from the side of our heads. If your ear wire comes straight out from the back of your earring the earrings will face straight out from the side of your head. Now that's wonderful for anyone standing to your side looking at you but when you look into the mirror you see a side view of your pretty earrings rather than a forward facing view. 

I like when my earrings frame my face. I also like to see them. I use really pretty and rare stones in my work that I take a lot of time and care to select and use. They have such beautiful colors and details. The design around them is carefully thought out as well. So when I look into a mirror or when someone is talking to me in person I most certainly want them to see my fabulous earrings, appreciate the gorgeous color or pattern, (and superior craftsmanship 😉). 

The fix is incredibly simple, you can do this to any earring you already have that is a dangle fish hook type. Lever backs, hoops and studs this doesn't work with. But just take the wire and give it quarter turn right above the loop or area that connects it to the earring. Turn one to the right and one to the left. Be gentle, hold it firmly though. We aren't looking to make a mess of the wire, just a simple and small twist so that when you put the earring on it will face forward. By doing these turns they will they be a clear left and right pair of earrings, kind of like shoes. If you put the left in the right ear it will face backwards so be sure to put the right earring in the right ear! If you watch the video I made I think it is very clear and helpful to demonstrate what I mean. Click Here to watch it.

Most of my earrings that this works on ship out with this little tweak and I usually include a note about it as well. But I thought that if you read this in a product listing you may wonder what I mean or would like an example of what I mean which is why I made the video. I hope you find it helpful and as always you can reach out with questions you may have or leave a comment here. I can't reply to comments on here directly so if you need a response just send me a message through my contact form on here. But if you just wanted to share a comment here I always love reading them!


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